Tropical Storm Isaac is on His Way. . . Is Your Home Prepared?

With all of the news about Tropical Storm Isaac brewing in the Caribbean, everyone has realized that hurricane season is indeed underway. Even if your home isn’t waterfront property, the threat of tropical storms and hurricanes is still a reality. As we know, tropical storms can bring large amounts of rain , which can cause serious damage to your foundation and basement. While Isaac is still far enough away, NOW is the time to take the proper precautions. Below are a few tips . . .

Cover any windows and other openings.
While basement windows can turn your basement from a dungeon to a bright and happy space, they are also the main entry point for flooding during heavy rains. Be sure to place shutters or other coverings over your windows to prevent them water or flying debris from making its way inside. You may also want to create a temporary retaining wall to hold any standing water away from your window wells.

Inspect your basement for leaks and cracks.
Even though you may consider that crack you noticed in your basement’s foundation tiny, it can become a huge hazard if water begins to seep in. Be sure to inspect the walls, windows, or any doors that you may have in your basement. If the cracks are ⅜ of an inch or wider, your home’s foundation could be in jeopardy, and you should contact a foundation repair expert for a thorough inspection and evaluation.

Clear your yard of debris.
With tropical storms where there’s rain, there’s wind. Strong winds can send debris slamming into your windows and other areas of your home. Eliminate the amount of debris in your yard by securing any outdoor furniture, play sets, and by pruning any loose branches that may cause damage.

Look over your insurance policy.
Does your home have flood insurance? If not, NOW is the time to add this vital piece of coverage to your plan. For a 1,000 sq foot home, a flood of 3 inches can cost around $12,000 in a 2,000 sq foot home, the cost skyrockets to around $23,000. Most common home insurance policies do not cover flooding and many companies stop writing policies if a storm is forecast in your area. Learn more about flood insurance and whether your home is in a flood zone here.

Create an emergency kit.
Only Mother Nature knows how long a storm is going to last, so to be on the safe side, it is important that you and your family have the necessary supplies should your power go out or there is an emergency that arises. Your emergency kit should include the following:
-Radio with batteries
-Non-perishable food items
-Bottled Water
-Important document (ID, Passport, Insurance Policy, Birth Certificates etc.)
-Cell Phone with portable or solar charger
-Prescriptions and other important medications
-First-aid items

Stay informed.
During storms, the severity of the weather conditions can change at a moment’s notice. That said, it is important that you remain informed so you are always prepared. Listen to weather reports via your radio or smartphone to receive all the necessary updates. Remember — if your area is called to be evacuated, ALWAYS heed the instructions. While you may value your home, your safety is more important.

Have a plan ready in case you need to leave.
It is important that you and your family are prepared for the worst case scenario. Be sure to communicate a thorough plan of what you will need to do if you must evacuate your home. Also, keep your vehicle at least a half full so that you will be able to leave when necessary.

Hurricane season can be a hectic time for many homeowners. While your home may not face the brunt of the storm, it can still be severely affected by the heavy rains that occur. By being prepared you can be sure that your family and your home will be able to withstand wet or treacherous weather that may come your way.

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