Tackling that wet basement problem!

It’s a cold winter and the last thing you need is a wet basement. When you have water in your basement, you cannot enjoy the additional square footage it provides for things like a home office, entertainment room, exercise/rec room or just plain old basement storage area.

Why should I worry about having a wet basement?

A wet basement can bring on mold and mildew problems, dank odors and in some cases structural deterioration. All of which can truly devalue your home.

Also, mold and mildew almost always cause or contribute to poor and unhealthy indoor air quality (IAQ). The spores that are released by these elements can increase the risk of your family experiencing respiratory problems. Nothing to fool around with.

How can I get to the heart of my wet basement problem?

Primarily wet basement problems originate from the home foundation, the cove area (where the floor meets the wall). The falling rain is absorbed by the ground and ends up creating “hydrostatic pressure” (the pressure that water exudes against the outside of your foundation wall). Given time, the pressure always wins and when it does your basement floods!

You can better protect your home from basement water leakage by hiring a professional basement-waterproofing contractor to inspect and/or waterproof your basement. Only a trained waterproofing expert is qualified enough too properly and safely diagnose and fix your basement water problem. This should be done before structural damage sets in and jeopardizes your foundations integrity.

Other areas of water concern are stairwells, window wells, fireplaces, pipes and wires that go through your walls and floor drains that can actually back up into your home if overwhelmed by rainfall.

Fortunately, wet basement problems are not difficult to correct when you hire a professional basement-waterproofing company.

The right company should perform a thorough internal and external basement and foundation inspection to identify leak areas.

That right company is Ameri-Dry Waterproofing! Ameri-Dry has been drying up basements for over 35 years. Ameri-Dry solves any water problem the first time and youR basement is dry, PERMANENTLY!

With American made patented waterproofing systems and highly trained technicians Ameri-Dry gets the job done. They dry up your basement and keep your home and family safe from the elements and dangers that water to bring to you basement.

Ameri-Dry will show you low cost ways to dry out your basement and ensure those problems never return giving you peace of mind, now…and long into the future!

If you have experienced any of the following your basement, it’s time to have Ameri-Dry Waterproofing inspect your home:

  • Standing water or puddles in the basement
  • Mold/Mildew
  • Dampness along the walls or floor
  • Floor or wall cracks
  • Damp dank smells
  • Water damaged storage or wall coverings such as paneling

If you have seen any of these visible signs, it’s time to call Ameri-Dry Waterproofing, your local basement waterproofing and structural repair contractor. Ameri- Dry Waterproofing stands ready to dry your basement water problems FOREVER!! Call them at (800) 580-1964 or visit them at www.KeepAmericaDry.com


And, without exception, we stand by our promise of:
No Down Payment, No High-Pressure Sales, No Hassles, No More Water!

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