Seen Any Wet Basements Lately?

If you’ve had wet basement problems in the past (we’re not necessarily talking raging floodwaters... maybe just a damp wall, or mildew-damaged clothes or that embarrassing musty smell rising up from “down there”), these problems will never go away forever by themselves. Sure, during really dry weather, your wet basement problem might go dormant; but, a sudden, heavy rain, or even a return to normal precipitation, trouble will return. Rain or shine, you know the problems are still there... waiting. These chronic problems can cut your useable living space dramatically. Who wants to play in a smelly rec room? You can’t store clothes and books where they’ll mildew. Worse, these defects can reduce your home’s value by much more than it would cost to permanently eliminate them. That’s right... permanently eliminate. Not a 5 or a 10 year warranty... permanently. Ameri-Dry® Waterproofing can control everything but the weather. Ameri-Dry® can control where the water goes... say good-bye to mildew smells, moldy rugs and rotting wood. Ameri-Dry can also control the quality of their service... their crews are thoroughly-trained, regular employees, not fly-by-night temporary workers. Finally, Ameri-Dry can offer you a full life-of-the-structure warranty (that’s a real lifetime guarantee, no fine print, no time limitations or renewal fees --- total protection for you and your home). Unfortunately, Ameri-Dry can’t control the weather when it’s rainy, they’ve got to get people thinking about the future... that next heavy rain.

Sunny Day Savings Temptations

During the summer dry season, Ameri-Dry wants to tempt you into permanently eliminating “basement wetness” before they have put some of their professional crews on stand-by. They’ll knock up to $350 off the cost of solving your problem... if you call before the rains and your leaks and musty smells return. Just call 1-800-580-1964. For an appointment, or for any waterproofing question, call Ameri-Dry Systems at 1-800-580-1964. Why not arrange for a free, no-obligation estimate today? Minor water problems can quickly balloon into costly, major problems --- rotting studs, warped floors, pervasive mold, and termite incursions. Don’t Delay! Ameri-Dry® offers the permanent solution... proven since 1978.