Identifying Basement Waterproofing Promises That Are All Wet

Avoid one of the biggest and costliest mistakes that many homeowners make... don't be pressured into signing a basement waterproofing agreement without a trusted 2nd opinion from Ameri-Dry. Wouldn't it be awful to undergo expensive, painful surgery, only to learn it was unnecessary? Wet basement problems are similar... only a trustworthy second opinion BEFORE expensive, disruptive "repairs" begin can protect you from costly mistakes. A high pressure salesman's expensive diagnosis might be pure fiction. Different parts of our region experience wide variations in rainfall, but one thing never varies... Ameri-Dry’s® honest approach to waterproofing. Years after customers dubbed Ameri-Dry® to be the only HONEST waterproofing company, their reputation remains the gold standard. Spot the warning signs of predatory sales tactics pressure to start repairs "before a wall collapses" and repeated calls with lower and lower bids. Ameri-Dry® builds confidence... easy to understand literature, trustworthy technicians, experienced crews and an unbeatable "Full Life of the Structure Warranty". Other companies "Guarantees" mean nothing if they aren't around when you need them... and many avoid obligations. Ameri-Dry Systems has served the nation reliably since 1978... same name, PERMANENT solutions... responsibly! Stop mopping up after thunderstorms. Eliminate losses from water-damage. Make musty odors and damp walls disappear forever. Ameri-Dry Waterproofing can dry up your basement hassles permanently and afford-ably. FIXED prices, not a high price that mysteriously drops if you don't agree immediately. No Cash? No Problem! Ameri-Dry® offers 100% financing, low monthly payments (with approved credit). For over 35 years Ameri-Dry® has been solving America's basement and crawl space water problems. Ameri-Dry® really is the "honest waterproofing company". Call your local Home Improvement Commissions and Consumer Affairs offices and check them out. If an Ameri-Dry® technician finds that minor re-grading or gutter/downspout adjustments can solve a problem, they'll tell you. So, if another waterproofer's diagnosis claims that expensive repairs are needed, call Ameri-Dry at 1-800-580-1964 and let us save you some money! | MHIC # 128490