Droughts don’t fix Basement Water Problems

Just as your roof doesn’t leak on sunny days. Likewise, your wet basement can seem bone dry after months of drought. But, neither problem can fix itself. Ameri-Dry® doesn’t fix roofs...but since 1978, they’ve been #1 in Basement Waterproofing. When it comes to permanently drying up your wet basement, there’s only one name you should remember, Ameri-Dry Waterproofing

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No Doubt About it, now is the best time for homeowners to dry up their basement water problems...Permanently. Why? One name, One plan - Ameri-Dry Waterproofing and the “Dry Now, Pay Later” Plan. For a limited time, Ameri-Dry® will waterproof your basement now, before it’s too late, and you’ll make no payments and pay no interest for one full year! You may think that dry weather solves your wet basement woes…Sorry to say, it does not. Most homeowners do not understand that rain deficits leading to dry soil only mask the real problem that lies dormant in your basement. And to top it off, the National Weather Bureau is predicting a very active hurricane season this year so Ameri-Dry® advises you to act now, beat the rush and dry up that pesky basement water problem, "while the weather is still relatively dry". If you’ve had a wet basement, you know it’s there - rain or shine. While it might be dry weather right now, you know the leaks will return with the next good rain. You could wait for the inevitable rains to return. However, during dry times the ground around your home is actually shrinking away from the foundation wall. So, when it finally does rain, water can flood these open areas worsening your water problem. Leaky basements, left untreated could lead to costly structural problems through erosion and structural cracking. On the other hand, you could invite a Ameri-Dry® technician out now for a clear analysis and estimate on drying up your basements water problems, and best of all, it’s Free. Even in the driest of conditions Ameri-Dry® can identify your water problem and fix it, Permanently ! Here’s 4 smart reasons you should ask Ameri-Dry® to solve you wet basement woes:
  1. Ameri-Dry has successfully been waterproofing basements since 1978 using their unique, patented waterproofing methods.
  2. Ameri-Dry’s® customers has dubbed them “Honest Waterproofing Company” because of their commitment to save homeowners from unneeded repairs.
  3. Satisfied homeowners rave about “reclaiming” unused living and storage space...basements which were once musty, wet and forlorn are now once again, usable.
  4. Ameri-Drys’ famous “Full Life of The Structure Warranty”. No fine print here, just total protection for you and your home, Forever !
Your home is your most valuable asset, don’t ignore the warning signs of a wet basement. The folks at Ameri-Dry Systems are full time waterproofing specialists and they truly have the permanent solution for every type of basement/crawl space water problem. Call “The Honest Waterproofing Company”, call Ameri-Dry® Waterproofing for your FREE analysis and estimate at 1-800-580-1964 and take advantage of the “Dry Now, Pay Later” Plan. It’s time you enjoyed a dry, comfortable Ameri-Dry® Basement! MHIC # 128490