Make the Most of Your Basement this Winter

Thanksgiving has past, meaning we’ll be surrounded by holiday music, pine trees, snow, and hot chocolate. Though this time of the year tends to bring people together, it often leaves your basement empty — except when it comes to gathering up all of those holiday decorations that are tucked away in storage. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Your basement can be much more than merely extra space to store holiday decorations. I can be a wonderful place to enjoy — even in the winter months. Yes, this winter it’s time to use your basement to it’s full capacity! Here are a few typical excuses, and tips for overcoming them:

Excuse #1: It reminds me of a dungeon.
While it is true that many basements are underground, this doesn’t mean they have to feel like a cave. By adding light to your basement, you can take it from shadowy to chic. Adding egress windows in your basement is a wonderful way to have access to natural light. These windows will bring life to your basement and make it feel less enclosed. Pot lights are another great way to add light to your basement. Since they are recessed, they take up less overhead room, making your basement great for every height.

Excuse #2: My basement looks too much like a utility room.
In most cases, your basement is where you will find many if not all of your utility appliances. The bulky water heater, loud furnace, and humming washer and dryer can be big distractions when trying to enjoy this room, but you can simply create a separate utility room that keeps them behind closed doors. Need a quick fix? Simply add a few screens around your appliances to close them off from the rest of the room.

Excuse #4: There’s no reason for me to go down there.
It’s true that we all have certain rooms we use for eating, sleeping, entertainment, and lounging, but, if you are not using all of your home, you’re wasting space. Maximize the use of your basement by creating an area that you will use often. Need room to work? Create an organized workspace with a desk, chairs, bookshelves, and a computer. Have kids? Make a playroom for them. They will love having their own space and you will love having them out of your hair. Need a place to relax? Turn your basement into a movie room or man cave. Adding a big TV and comfy seating will make this the best movie theater you’ve ever gone to. By creating a special space in your basement for you or a family member, you will be able to use your home to its full capacity.

Of course, before you’re able to transform your basement into a usable space, you’ll need to make sure that it doesn’t have any waterproofing issues. If you ever had experienced leaks or there is a musty smell, be sure to have your basement inspected by a professional. You wouldn’t want to go through the trouble and expense of finishing your basement only to have it ruined by a flood.

Once you’ve done that, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be using your basement to its full potential. No matter whether you turn the space into an office, playroom, movie theater, or family room, your basement is a great place for your friends and family to gather this winter. So go on down, cozy up on the couch, drink some hot chocolate, and enjoy the newest addition to your home.

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