Learning from Hurricane Sandy

The East Coast is still recovering from the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy. No matter whether your home flooded, you lost power, or you were fortunate not to have been affected, all homeowners can learn a few things about what to do in case of a natural disaster, especially considering Hurricane Sandy certainly won’t be the last storm we encounter. It all comes down to preparation. Here are a few tips:

Have an Emergency Kit Ready
Whether your home is in a flood zone or not, having an emergency kit ready at all times is important. This kit will allow you to evacuate your without hesitation — if necessary. Your emergency kit should include the following;

-Copies of important documents like birth certificates and identification in
waterproof bags
-A first-aid kit
-Prescriptions and other important medications
-Flashlights with extra batteries
-A solar-powered cell phone charger
-Bottled water
-Non-perishable food items

For more information on emergency kits and how to maintain them visit the link here.


Have a Plan of Action
One of the biggest ways you and your loved ones can be prepared for a severe weather situation or a natural disaster is to have a plan of action. This should include knowledge of multiple exits from your home, the location of designated emergency items, a list of important people of contact — such as phones numbers in a cell phone, and a safe location to meet if you are separated.

Add Flood Insurance to Your Current Policy
Unfortunately for some homeowners, their current home insurance policy does not cover flood damage. No matter whether you live in a waterfront property or not, having flood insurance will protect your family and your home from any water related damages. Flooding causes damages to your home’s foundation, drywall, plumbing, electrical systems, and appliances. For a 1,000 square foot room, 6 inches of water can cost you nearly $20,000 in cleaning and repairs. Flood insurance may not be available through your current home insurance agency, but it can be purchased through the National Flood Insurance Program. Follow the link here for more information on how you can protect your home with flood insurance.


Waterproof Your Basement or Foundation BEFORE the Flooding Happens
Waterproofing your basement and/or foundation is the BEST way to prevent flood damage in your home. By waterproofing, you are not only preventing water from coming into your home, but you are also stopping damage of your belongings, mildew, mold growth, and expensive repairs. Proper evaluation and waterproofing is not for your everyday DIY enthusiast. It should be done by a licensed contractor in good standing.

As homeowners across the East Coast continue their efforts to recover from Hurricane Sandy, it is important that we learn from this loss. All homeowners should be prepared for multiple severe weather scenarios. By following the steps outlined above, you and your family will be in a better position to deal with stormy weather.

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