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    Without basement waterproofing, your basement/crawlspace can more easily become wet or flooded when it storms. A wet basement can ruin belongings and cause much more serious problems as well. It can lead to mold, structural damage and even cause health issues for you and your family.

    Water on the floor is the most obvious warning sign that you have a basement water  problem. But you should also look out for the following indicators:

    • Mold
    • Peeling paint or wallpaper
    • Water stains
    • Puddling on the floor

    Common causes of a wet basement include home settling, foundation cracks, deterioration of outside foundation waterproofing, clogged downspouts, and poor drainage. Our experts can help you discover any more uncommon reasons for your wet basement problems.

    Yes! We provide special Internet offers that can be applied to our waterproofing services following your FREE basement inspection.

    Yes! We provide a full-life-of-the-structure waterproofing warranty that covers our basement waterproofing systems for life.

    Foundation problems can be caused by uneven contraction or expansion of the soil, improper drainage, excess rain, plumbing leaks, or poor preconstruction. Read more about foundation problems here.

    We typically provide foundation repairs for concrete, stone, and brick foundations. However, we only provide polyurethane crack injection for poured concrete.

    Ameri-Dry® has over 45 years of experience in basement waterproofing, and we provide an intense training course for all of our key employees, as well as routine field training. We are also a BBB accredited business.

    During your free basement inspection, one of our waterproofing experts will discuss your wet basement problems with you, assess the extent of your water damage, and provide recommendations accordingly. The inspector will also provide you with an estimate based on the inspection.

    Our waterproofing systems are designed to provide you with a permanently solution to your we basement problems. We also back all of our basement waterproofing systems with a full life-of-the-structure warranty. For piece of mind now, and long into the future!

    Unlike all other waterproofing companies, we’ve had our basement and crawlspace waterproofing solutions independently tested and evaluated by Architectural Testing, Inc. We’ve also had our waterproofing and foundation repair systems evaluated by BOCA-ES to ensure safety.


    Did You Know?

    Home foundation problems usually develop slowly at first and then become more serious as years go by.


    And, without exception, we stand by our promise of:
    No Down Payment, No High-Pressure Sales, No Hassles, No More Water!

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