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Though it is only February, Ameri-Dry has started the year off full steam ahead! After establishing ourselves in the Knoxville, TN and Baltimore, MD regions, we’ve decided to take our expertise and come to the aid of homeowners across the Mid-Atlantic. We’ve expanded our territory into New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Northern Virginia, Southern Virginia, as […]

While Hurricane Sandy spared Maryland of the catastrophic damage experienced by New Jersey and New York, it did not pass over Maryland without making her presence known. Over two hundred thousand homeowners were without power, trees were uprooted, roads were closed, and homes and businesses flooded. As a result, Ameri-Dry Waterproofing has received and begun […]

Customer response to Ameri-Dry Guy has been great. Between the introduction of his nemesis, Flynn Flood, and the humorous banter between a husband who didn’t call Ameri-Dry (but should have) and his precocious wife in the TV ad, the branding campaign has received high praises from advertising professionals and the general public. Along with the […]

The newest set of Ameri-Dry Waterproofing commercials are currently airing on WBIR in Knoxville, TN and on WBAL in Baltimore, MD. In this ad, homeowner Frank is filled with confidence that his basement wopuld be protected from flooding during two days of heavy rain. Unfortunately for Frank and his wife, he was wrong. Thankfully, Ameri-Dry […]

The first set of advertising spots for Ameri-Dry Waterproofing recently aired. Featuring Ameri-Dry’s new brand identitiy, Ameri-Dry Guy, these spots can been seen on WBAL in Baltimore, MD and WBIR in Knoxville, TN. In this first installment, homeowner Susan is terrified as she realizes that the dastardly Flynn Flood has invaded a crack in her […]

Ameri-Dry Waterproofing has taken creative advertising to a new level with the unveiling of its new brand identity: Ameri-Dry Guy. The modern day basement waterproofing hero is currently being featured in a series of tongue-in-cheek, animated TV advertisements.With his confident yet humorous “When you want dry, I’m your guy” slogan, Ameri-Dry Guy is just the […]

As a result of the uncharacteristic and unexpected earthquake and hurricane that took place last month, and the heavy rains that have plagued the Baltimore/Washington, DC region for the last two months, the number of customers Ameri-Dry has serviced has increased three-fold. Ameri-Dry was able to respond to homeowners whose foundations suffered cracks as a […]


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