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Wet Crawlspaces

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Causes of a Wet Crawlspace

Crawlspaces are prime targets for water intrusion and moisture. This creates a damp environment which, if not treated, can present health problems and impact the integrity of your home and it’s resale value. Some common issues associated with wet crawlspaces include:

Rising water tables – Thriving mold, which forms on joists and insulation and may become airborne and toxic


Cracks and week spots in foundation walls – Rot, decay, and structural damage


Lack of drainage system – Infestation of insects and animals attracted to the moisture



Ameri-Dry® Systems Crawlspace
Waterproofing Solutions

Start With a FREE In Home Inspection

Our offices are open Monday-Friday: 9am-5pm; you can call us at (800) 580-1964 -or- just use this form and we’ll call you.

To help protect your crawlspace from excess moisture, mold, pests, and harmful allergens that can seep into your home and put your family at risk, Ameri-Dry® offers two innovative crawlspace waterproofing solutions. .

Ameri-Drain® subsoil system that:

  • improves drainage by channeling the water into the Ameri-Drain system next to the footing
  • dries floors uniformly by keeping the water from rising above the system
  • has larger than average holes to ensure continuous drainage even during the heaviest of rains
  • has a revolutionary design that keeps the system from clogging.


Ameri-Flex ® sealing system that:

  • insulates your crawlspace with an R-5 insulation value
  • reduces radiant heat loss through living space floors by over 50%
  • keep moisture levels down reducing the risk of mold forming

Ameri-Dry® Waterproofing Systems has been providing our communities with crawlspace water solutions for over 35 years. We are a BBB A+ Accredited Business offering patented solutions for all your waterproofing, dampness/mildew/mold and damp smells problems.

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