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Tales from the Basement

The Naked Truth…About Basement Waterproofing

If you thought that basement waterproofing was a boring, mundane profession and that every job was a cookie cutter of the next, think again! After being in the business for over three decades, one can come across some pretty strange situations, and basement waterproofing specialist Barry Antonelli and the Ameri-Dry team of waterproofers certainly have…..

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Basement Waterproofing…One of Americas Most Dangerous Job?

Hollywood stuntmen. Deep sea fishermen. Firefighters. When you think of these careers, you automatically envision danger, but basement waterproofing?  Really? Lo and behold, the job can, indeed, be life-threatening . . . at least in some cases. This is one of them . . . One Spring afternoon, Ameri-Dry contractor Barry Antonelli — the son…..

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