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Take the Hassle Out of Basement Waterproofing

Ameri-Dry Waterproofing Systems… The Honest Waterproofing Company No Doubt About it, now is the best time for homeowners to take advantage of Ameri-Dry® Systems Super Summer Savings and dry up that pesky basement water problem, “while the weather is still dry”. The National Weather Bureau is predicting a very active rain and hurricane season so…..

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Seen Any Wet Basements Lately?

If you’ve had wet basement problems in the past (we’re not necessarily talking raging floodwaters… maybe just a damp wall, or mildew-damaged clothes or that embarrassing musty smell rising up from “down there”), these problems will never go away forever by themselves. Sure, during really dry weather, your wet basement problem might go dormant; but,…..

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Identifying Basement Waterproofing Promises That Are All Wet

Avoid one of the biggest and costliest mistakes that many homeowners make… don’t be pressured into signing a basement waterproofing agreement without a trusted 2nd opinion from Ameri-Dry. Wouldn’t it be awful to undergo expensive, painful surgery, only to learn it was unnecessary? Wet basement problems are similar… only a trustworthy second opinion BEFORE expensive,…..

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Droughts don’t fix Basement Water Problems

Just as your roof doesn’t leak on sunny days. Likewise, your wet basement can seem bone dry after months of drought. But, neither problem can fix itself. Ameri-Dry® doesn’t fix roofs…but since 1978, they’ve been #1 in Basement Waterproofing. When it comes to permanently drying up your wet basement, there’s only one name you should…..

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“Now is the best time to take care of that wet, leaky basement!” Ameri-Dry is now offering Springtime Low Prices and 100% financing with no payments until June 2014. Even during the wettest months, Ameri-Dry can eliminate wet basement headaches, in most cases by solving the problem from the inside. Your basement can be snug…..

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The Truth About Basement Waterproofing

The Truth About Basement Waterproofing – Wet Basements can cause monumental damage. Yet most homeowners are unaware of the problems that face their basements if left untreated. For starters, about 365,000 homes will need the fire department this year. But more then 3 million homes will require basement waterproofing. So what’s the damage? Somewhere around…..

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Why is my Basement Leaking?

Is your basement leaking?  It’s common for homeowners to experience particularly in the winter and during the spring time. How is your basement leaking? Where is the water coming from? To answer your question, there are two common reasons why basement leaking happens. 1. Your basement has a drainage problem. 2. Your basement has cracks……

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How do I know I have a Wet Basement?

Tackling that wet basement problem! It’s a cold winter and the last thing you need is a wet basement. When you have water in your basement, you cannot enjoy the additional square footage it provides for things like a home office, entertainment room, exercise/rec room or just plain old basement storage area. Why should I…..

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The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) reported that basement water leakage is the nation’s second most likely cause of economic loss today, amounting to over 20 billion dollars in damages or repair. The causes of water intrusion vary, but the results are always the same, damage and potential disaster. It was also reported by the United…..

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What should I know before hiring a waterproofing contractor?

As a homeowner maintaining the structural integrity of a residential property means detecting water problems early. The right waterproofing contractor can help you resolve water problems before you experience significant financial repair costs A waterproofing contractor’s job is to identify basement water threats and correct these threats fast and economically. Further, the right waterproofing contractor…..

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