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Ameri-Dry ® Tips for Choosing a Basement Waterproofing Contractor

Choosing a basement waterproofing contractor can be difficult if you’ve never done it before. You’re already dealing with the stress of a wet basement or crawlspace, you don’t want the added hassle of an unreliable waterproofing contractor who doesn’t do the job right or charges hefty fees.

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What to Look for in a Basement Waterproofing Contractor

There are a number of things you should look for as you’re comparing waterproofing companies. At Ameri-Dry®, we offer the following tips to help you choose the best basement waterproofing contractor for your home:

  • Deal with a basement waterproofing contractor that has a good reputation in the community. Find out if the company is insured, bonded, licensed, and certified, (where applicable).
  • Beware of salespersons or contractors who ask for large advance payments Reliable waterproofing contractors generally do not require more than a minimal down payment.
  • Obtain written estimates from at least three waterproofing contractors. Compare the cost of the work to be done, the quality of materials to be used, and the cost of financing the work, (if applicable).
  • In Maryland, contact the Maryland Home Improvement Commission, (410) 347-6309. Have the MHIC staff check the record of the contractor you’re considering. They can tell you if the company’s license is in good standing; if there are any complaints, and of what nature, and if the complaints have been resolved.
  • In Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Virginia, and Tennessee you can check with the Attorney General’s Office to see if the contractor is in good standing.
  • Check each contractor’s reliability with your local Better Business Bureau (410) 347-3990, previous customers, and friends, who have dealt with the same company.
  • After selecting a contractor, ask for a written contract in accordance with the estimate. Read this contract carefully before you sign it. Make sure you thoroughly understand its contents. If you have any questions, ask an attorney to review the contract for you.

Whether you’re debating between many waterproofing contractors or have it narrowed down to a few waterproofing companies you know, these tips should help with your final decision.

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What to Look for From Your Basement Waterproofing Contract

Whether you’re dealing with waterproofing companies or another type of business, you should always be sure to thoroughly read the contract. Reliable waterproofing contractors should include the following in their contracts:

  • The basement waterproofing contractor’s name, address, and telephone number.
  • A full description of the work to be done and a list of the materials to be used.
  • A definite start date and the estimated length of time for completion.
  • A provision that no change in plans or specifications may be made without the homeowner’s written approval.
  • Details of payment.  If financing, your basement waterproofing contractor should include information on the down payment, monthly payments, number of payments, the total finance costs, and annual percentage rate. The annual percentage rate is your key to comparing costs for the lowest rate.
  • A statement that the contractor is responsible for insuring his employees against possible injury on the job, usually a “Workers Compensation Policy.”
  • A warranty or guarantee with all conditions spelled out. For example, if your basement waterproofing contractor doesn’t solve the water problem, what is the company obligated to do and what are the alternatives?
  • The contractor’s signature and local or state licensing number. All waterproofing contractors in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia must be licensed through each state’s individual Home Improvement Commission.

If you plan to finance the work and the contract terms could give the contractor a lien, mortgage, or other security interest on your home, or if you are solicited by a door-to-door or telemarketing salesperson, make sure the contract contains a provision allowing you to cancel within five business days after signing it, without penalty.

Waterproofing Contractors in MD, DE, VA, PA, TN

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