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Introducing...Ameri-Dry Guy

The wait is finally over. He's finally revealed himself to the world...Ameri-Dry Guy is here!
Just who is this mysterious man? Why, he's your basement waterproofing hero, that's who!
Born with super-human basement waterproofing powers that repel leaks, fix foundation cracks, and repair crawlspace issues, Ameri-Dry Guy stands poised and ready to fight the toughest basement waterproofing problems, one basement at a time.

Basement villains, like the evil Flynn Flood are no match for Ameri-Dry Guy. Armed with his patented permanently dry systems, Ameri-Dry Guy is strong enough to take on any basement waterproofing nemesis, no matter how hard they try to wreak havoc, damage your property, and destroy your peace of mind.

Now, we realize that not every waterproofing company can claim a basement waterproofing hero. Then again, Ameri-Dry isn't every basement waterproofing company. Not only are our systems patented, but they offer a full, life of the structure warranty.

If you've got a basement waterproofing problem, there’s only one name you need to know: Ameri-Dry Guy.

Ameri-Dry Guy has just one friendly reminder: "When you want dry, I'm your guy."


The Adventures of Ameri-Dry Guy

When we last caught up with our hero, he was summoned through his flood alert system in his basement waterproofing lair by poor, defenseless Susan after her basement came under siege by the evil Flynn Flood.

It had been just like any other average day at Susan's house. It had been raining off and on for several weeks, but it was the Spring, so Susan thought nothing of it. The last time she had gone into the basement a few days before to do the laundry, she had noticed a crack in her home’s foundation, but she ignored it. "It's just the house settling, I guess," she decided, and she let it go. Little did she know that this one crack was all it would take for Flynn Flood to rear his ugly head and invade her home, causing a basement flooding mess.

Her worst nightmare was about to be revealed. As she made her way down the steps to get a box for a birthday gift she had to wrap, she uncovered a terrible sight: Flynn and his flood brigade had made their way through the crack and were now pouring into her home. "Oh No!" she cried "What am I going to do? There’s water everywhere. Who can fix this awful mess? Wait, I know! Ameri-Dry Guy!"

One call was all it took. Ameri-Dry Guy was there in a flash. "Don't worry, Susan. I'm here now," said Ameri-Dry Guy, as his super water-repellent boots hit with a thud and parted the water on the basement floor.

But Flynn was not a happy nemesis. He taunted Ameri-Dry Guy every step of the way. "Bring it on, Ameri-Dry Guy! I'm not going without a fight!" he screamed.

"Flynn, Flynn, Flynn. Will you never learn?" replied Ameri-Dry Guy, confidently.

A fight ensued, one-sided though it may have been. Nothing Flynn and his brigade could do was enough to beat the strength and expertise of Ameri-Dry Guy, and it wasn't long before, Flynn surrendered. "Drats! Beat again by that blasted Ameri-Dry Guy," complained Flynn Flood, "You may win here, Ameri-Dry Guy, but I'll find another basement to invade."

"And I'll be ready," said Ameri-Dry Guy. "No matter how many times you try, and no matter how many homes you invade, you'll NEVER beat me!"

"Oh, Ameri-Dry Guy, you fixed my basement. It's totally dry!" exclaimed Susan.

"That's what I do, Susan. After all, dry is my middle name," responded Ameri-Dry Guy.

"Oh, thank you, Ameri-Dry Guy! Will I ever see you again?" Susan asked.

"I'm afraid not, Susan, because once I dry a basement, it’s dry for life. Guaranteed."

And with that, Ameri-Dry Guy heard the desperate call from another homeowner who was in the midst of a basement waterproofing crisis and it was time to go. As he left, he tipped his hat and said, "Remember: When you want dry, I'm your guy."

Stay tuned to find out who Ameri-Dry Guy helps next. It could!

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